Too Tough to Woo My Tester! Tough Times This Valentine’s Day!!

My tester never notices anything but bugs! This Valentine’s day might go down the drain too. Really depressing. Falling in love is tough and being a programmer it gets tougher when who I am eyeing is a tester; a love hate relationship all the way!

Imagine, what my tester would woo me with? A bouquet full of bugs? Not happening with me. When cupid strikes and life goes crazy, I need to take matters in hand and do a role reversal of sorts. It is an emergency and I need to know a list of things to woo my tester in the software testing & QA company with!

Software Tester

My Tester’s Bucket List

I know, a bucket list is supposed to be something else definitely, but for me there is nothing more than my tester. All I need to crack is my tester’s bucket list and start learning fast to impress!

A completely unromantic but intriguing list for sure!

Big Data Testing

This Is Huge. This Is Big Data.

All I Want Is My Valentine on The Big Day!

Big Data needs no introduction and refers to the unbelievably large and complex data sets complemented by special tools and techniques for analysis. This large volume of data generated globally by businesses could be structured or unstructured, making the testing of Big Data a herculean task and Big Data itself a huge affair for the software testing & QA companies.

The Challenges of Testing Big Data Begin with the 7 Vs


BI Testing

Love Is Not a Mind Game,

Business Intelligence to Analyze My Tester’s Heart!

Business intelligence could well be classified as the most trusted word for the success of enterprises across the globe. Working completely in sync with the structured and unstructured Big Data captured from multiple channels and multiple sources, Business Intelligence testing is very critical to generate actionable insights into the enterprise’s own data.
With well-defined Business Intelligence testing in place, BI offers definite advantages to enterprises.

Advantages of BI Testing

Advantages of BI testing

Fintech & BFSI Testing

Finance, Not Exactly My Cup of Tea. This Is Do or Die.

Love Pushes Me to Test My Own Limits!

Fintech is the new buzzword making rounds in the information technology circles. This technology for financial services related to Banking, Insurance, Mobile Payments, Investments, Personal Lending, Asset Management, Fund-Raising, Digital Currencies and more give rise to a niche testing ecosystem catering to the special requirements of this domain.

Manual testing proves to be a slow process to match up with the agility expected from software testing for Financial Institutions. With frequent upgrades to the processes delivered through solutions and apps; it is no mean feat to keep the vulnerabilities at bay. The accuracy and correctness of Test Automation remains the only way out for most of the test processes in the software for financial institutions which have specific traits setting them apart from other domains.

Testing Services for the BFSI

Testing Services For BFSI

XP Testing

Extreme Programming. Where Testing Is a Part of The Deal, Isn’t It?

Collaborations Between Programmers & Testers; Now We Are Talking!

Development teams and Testing teams have long remained at locked horns with each other for responsibilities related to software quality. Of course, the only reason is incorrect and insufficient planning at the software conceptualization phase. Various software development workflows have evolved in the recent years to closely integrate software development with testing as a continuous and ongoing activity.

Extreme Programming or better known as XP programming is ready for Agile Testing adopted by software testing & QA companies to integrate with software development. This method is focused on business results which remain dynamic to suit customer expectations at all times. It adopts the approach of continuous testing with immediate modifications and improvements as required.

Agile Testing

As Fast as You Can for Me, Mr Cupid!

Being A Team, Made For Each Other!

Agile Testing integrates testing as part of development process, rather than considering it as a different phase. Since testing is part of the development process, it is actively gets done throughout the programming phase.

The software testing team is convened as a cross-functional team, with a good mix of people with capabilities of testing and business expertise. The overall project is better defined and chances of delivering a superior quality software get closer to the perfect percentage.

Having such an approach during the development cycle, allows the team to maintain the speed of the project, as testing occurs in real-time. This allows developers to solve any issues in the executables during the development process itself.

Cloud Testing

Just A Hint from My Tester Would Mean Being on Cloud Nine!

Don’t Know If That Is in Store as Yet or Not!

Cloud Testing is a niche contemporary method helping developers to test their products quickly, interconnecting various devices into one virtual testing center and bringing the testing team together through the centralized cloud. It goes without saying that this innovative and practical method makes the work of the testing team much quicker and easier, reducing the turnaround times.

Advantages of Cloud Testing

Advantages of cloud testing

Crowdsource Testing

Spotting My Valentine in The Crowd!

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!!!

Crowdsourcing; an idea floated as recently as a few years ago is an obviously preferred way of doing work today. Quite simply put, it gets different skills, abilities and strengths together without the hassles of recruiting or training. With a ready-made, superior pool of resources made available, enterprises improve their productivity & efficiencies of doing tasks tremendously.

Crowdsource testing facilitates testing under diverse realistic scenarios, otherwise not easily simulated by the traditional offshore or outsourcing models. This approach proves to be a very quick and cost-effective method of getting software tested with a remarkably less number of errors & bugs missed. Most importantly this model makes it possible to conduct remote usability testing with specific target groups very easily.

Crowdsource Testing all the Way

Crowdsource Testing

API Testing

Interfacing to The Core Application Logic Is Really Not What I Want!

Anything for Interfacing into My Tester’s Heart!!

API testing, a niche category for software testing & QA companies, examines the application programming interfaces to check fulfilments of requirements related to core functions of the software. APIs are the interface to the core application logic and become very important aspect for testing. Since there is no graphical user interface, API testing needs to be conducted at the message layer.

API testing complements the quick release cycles and continual changes which are very typical of Agile Software Development and DevOps and targets various test types.

Automation Testing

Ahaa, I Don’t Care If It Is Manual or Automatic,

Cupid Needs to Be Trained to My Advantage!!

Automation in testing lends a definitive edge by speeding up the testing process, as well as optimizing resources like time invested and staffing. Manual testing cannot be completely eliminated where human intellect is needed. However, more & more businesses are adopting automated testing to keep control over investments, while eliminating manual labor in repetitive tasks.

Automated testing may be too expensive for small projects where the time investment for manual testing is not significant. However, for larger projects, automated testing is gradually becoming a primary skill to invest in, with scripts performing many repetitive tasks in a fixed process framework.

Key Parameters to Consider for Automation

Automation Testing

Mobile Testing

Mobility Is Good If There Is No Running Away From Me!

Testing for Love on The Go!!

Mobile technologies are one of the major disruptive of the technologies in the recent times. Apps become an integral part of enterprise solutions as well as emerge as indispensable tools all by themselves. As any technology powered by software or otherwise; quality assurance and testing are more than important for a successful outcome.

Mobile app testing companies realize that these applications when tested, verified and rectified correctly assure impeccable, engaging and enticing user experiences. Safety and security is ensured because of intuitive mobile application testing practices, but they come with their set of challenges.

Challenging Techniques for Mobile Testing

Challenges for mobile testing

In a Nutshell

Software testing & QA companies come of age today. It used to be a normal tendency during system development cycles and software quality assurance failed to get enough attention by the developers as well as the managers; as projects were executed with ‘test last’ approach.

Not anymore.

Developers and Testers refrain from seeing each other as a nuisance and realize that the surest way to make the software work properly is to conduct tests in close co-ordination with each other as a poorly tested software means brand injury, competitive threat or even revenue loss for the company.

RoI testing is not happening with me. Not interested in returns on the investments, all I want is RoL – Return on Love. Trying all my luck with close collaborations & co-ordinations this fourteenth of February!!

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Author: SPEC QA