15 Key ReQtest Alternatives to Look For in 2022

One of the most important aspects of any software development life cycle is test management. An effective testing mechanism decides the success ratio of the project and one such popular testing tool cum requirements management tool is ReQtest.

ReQtest has been well-known in the world of testers and developers. It offers visual bug reporting and charts to help preview process changes and errors. It is a complete test management tool with agile bug tracking. There is effective collaboration and task visualization available.

Just the way everything has an alternative, there are good alternatives to ReQtest too. Before we investigate the possible alternatives to ReQtest, let us quickly glance through what it is.

What is ReQtest?

ReQtest is a cloud-based requirements management, test management, and bug tracking tool. It assists testing teams to deal with the testing hurdles, with ease and efficiency. It offers real-time updates on different routines in the entire process of testing. It is a test management tool that facilitates developers and testers for planning, executing, and following up on test cases.

Key Features of ReQtest

  • Scope, quality, and progress management
  • Test, defects, and requirements management
  • Pay for what you use
  • Easy to learn and get started
  • Easy test management process
  • Screen capture and recording
  • Flexible integration through API


Key ReQtest Alternatives to Check For in 2022

  • Jira
  • ClickUp
  • Wrike
  • TestRail
  • LogRocket
  • Instabug
  • Backlog
  • TestPad
  • PractiTest
  • Zephyr
  • SpiraTest
  • Asana
  • com
  • io
  • Aha!



Developed by Atlassian, Jira is a popular issue tracking tool that assists in bug tracking by agile teams. It is a project tracking product that is used by teams to create effective software. It helps big time in tracking tasks and bugs, linking issues to code, planning, and monitoring agile activity.

It takes care of planning, shipping, releasing at every step of the product life cycle. It has a no-code automation engine that helps teams to enhance their working power by task automation and thereby save on time. As a project and workflow management software, it handles all activities starting from requirements, test cases, and implementation management.


ClickUp is an effective task management tool that provides a flexible environment to work including documents, calendars, inboxes, goals, etc. It is feasible for all types of teams to work on this tool with easy collaboration and organization. It is a comprehensive app that manages projects, people, and everything associated with it.

ClickUp helps teams enhance their productivity levels. It handles task management, project management with ease and offers features like email management, issue tracking, predictive analytics, and issue tracking. It creates rich text documents that are useful for reports, marketing strategies, etc. They can all be stored in one place and attached to tasks.


Wrike is a US-based project management application service software that assists remote teams to collaborate effectively. It is a robust and versatile tool that has customized dashboards and workflows that help teams in automating and streamlining procedures. As a work management software, it transforms the way your teams work.

You can work in real-time through your organization and sharing of information is much easier done. Drilling down to further details and tasks is easily done through Wrike. There is increased transparency and productivity observed for Wrike users. It easily integrates with other third-party tools.


TestRail is an important test case management software that helps in managing and tracking software testing. It organizes the quality department with its project management features. It has a web-based UI that helps in easy test case creation, management of test runs, and better coordination within the testing teams.

As a test management tool, TestRail supports different kinds of methodologies and creates multiple versions of test cases. Sharing of test case repository is easily manageable across various projects and releases. It creates a detailed summary report for different milestones and plans. It is a real-time, intuitive, and easy-to-use software that supports any type of business team and size.


LogRocket is a modern frontend monitoring and product analytics tool that fixes bugs and issues by recording all those users are doing on the sites. It offers features such as product analytics, error tracking and management, user experience analytics, and frontend performance monitoring.

It empowers teams to build optimal experience and insight for their web and mobile products. It brings forth issues that could hinder project performance and helps in retaining clients. It offers tight integration with the already existing tools and infrastructure. It works seamlessly with any kind of language or framework.


Instabug is a popular mobile app solution that offers the best quality and performance. It provides the best user experience that assists in analyzing and fixing app performance issues. There is instant bug reporting for mobile applications. Some of its salient features are bug reporting, crash reporting, app performance monitoring.

It enhances application performance and quality by notifying errors as soon as they occur by publishing different reports – bug reports, performance metrics, crash reports, etc. Debugging problems is easier done through network logs, console logs, and solving issues. It helps maintain the business workflow through its SDK with bug tracking and project management tools.


As a project management and code management tool for developers and testers, Backlog is created to offer good productivity, enhanced visibility, and better project tracking. It helps users prioritize and track their work with ease. It has a simplistic and powerful interface that can be used by anyone.

All teams – be it developers, testers, clients, designers can collaborate on a single platform. It becomes easy for customers to report errors and for project owners to have proper task organization with parent and child problems. It offers Git and Subversion repositories wherein there is no installation necessary.


TestPad is a powerful but simple test case management tool that takes care of exploratory and manual testing. It is a fast test plan tool that does not let users waste time on petty matters and lets them focus more on real testing. There is regular and systematic formatting, reports, and collaboration that helps in coordination with any style and tests.

TestPad is so easy to use that it can be used by non-testers with comfort. There is a keyboard-based editor that has a JavaScript-based responsive user interface. Users have the flexibility to keep adding more tests as needed. It has a fast-learning curve because of which there are many users that can avail benefits of this tool, with ease.


PractiTest is a centralized test management tool for automated and manual testing. It is suitable for all testing styles and offers a robust, faster software delivery. As a cloud-based test management solution, there is effective management, control, and tracking of documents with the best of QA efforts.

There is enhanced ROI and hence lesser time to market. Transparency in testing efforts, comprehensive testing strategies, dynamic data organization, data visualization through dashboards and reports, enhanced efficiency levels with test reusability are some of the highlights of PractiTest.


Considered a perfect test management tool for agile teams, Zephyr helps in writing test cases, capturing bugs, maintaining results, and informing teams about errors effectively. It offers native support as well as on Jira and other platforms. Be it any size or complexity level, Zephyr has a solution for all.

Effective dashboards and reports, detailed data analysis, on-premises, and cloud-based working, quality metrics, support for continuous integration and continuous delivery process, real-time tracking of projects are some of the salient features of Zephyr, the reasons why it is so popular today and for the future.


SpiraTest is a powerful testing tool that is considered ideal for test case management, bug tracking, and requirements tracking. It is flexible, easy to use, and creates tests from a centralized platform. It offers seamless issue tracking and the flexible reports generated help you ascertain the condition of your projects.

It helps in the management of automated test scripts. There is a web-based document management system that has features like version control, meta-tagging, organizing folders, etc. Users can view real-time evaluation results, along with detailed scheduling. It has seamless integration with tools like TestComplete, Selenium, etc.


Asana s a project and work management tool that fits organizations and teams of all sizes. It offers salient features like monitoring of KPIs, budget management, marketing calendars, converting emails to tasks, etc. It manages all your work at one place, making it a centralized repository. You can watch plans, check their progress, and manage work perfectly.

You can create effective Gantt charts, track work through dashboards, get real-time insights into work, set organizational goals, view team calendars, integrate apps at one place, streamline procedures, lessen errors, and spend more creative time rather than spend it on routine activities. is a popular, cloud-based, work management software that is ideal for the management and scaling of work. It includes client management, property management, production tracking, volunteer management. Users can do better collaboration, execution, and connection of workflows.

Decision-making with real-time data insights is feasible for users with Users can set up customizable automation quickly. Project milestones can be visualized with Gantt charts. It is a work operating system that empowers teams to execute projects effortlessly. It is intuitive, customizable, and simple to use. is an ideal product for product managers, facilitating project management with ease. It perceives client requirements, helps in taking proper decisions, establishes product procedures with transparency. It aligns organizational goals to offer better-performing teams.

Salient features of are project planning and scheduling, tracking of milestones, in-depth visualizations, agile product management. It has been assisting entrepreneurs to have better story planning, setting up roadmaps, and collaborating with teams at a centralized location.


Aha! Roadmaps is a well-known product and idea management solution that assists organizations in capturing ideas, sharing plans, setting business strategies. It also includes Aha! Ideas Essentials for crowdsourcing feedback. As cloud-based software, it has been setting vision and goals for accomplishment, prioritizing features, and organizing backlogs.

Aha! Is apt at creating a visual timeline for plan achievement. There are multiple templates available for the creation of a customized roadmap that can be easily shared with others through a presentation, secure webpage, or image.  It offers effective document management, alerts/notifications, third-party integrations, collaboration tools, and activity dashboards.


On a Parting Note

It is indispensable now to have software testing & QA as an integral component in your entire software cycle. An effective testing management and requirements management tool like ReQtest is recommended. So are its alternatives as mentioned above. We hope this above list of ReQtest alternatives will help you choose the best fit tool, to suit your needs.

Author: SPEC QA