Software Testing An Early Head start Surely Pays Off

As known, Software Quality Assurance Services have been an integral and important part of any software project and has time and again, proven its significance in the success story of any project. Now that IT has been engraved into our daily lives, there are all the more chances of having robust, well tested and comprehensive solutions ruling the globe and hence the importance of having quality assurance as one of the most desired functionalities, becomes increasingly vital. Now, Software QA services are an indispensable ingredient in any software project. As we talk about software testing, the diciest questions that usually crops us is ‘when should we start testing?’, ‘at what point in the project should QA be done?’ and so on. The answers depend upon the type of project and thereby the types of testing and testing tools that are required.

Software Testing

When should Quality Testing Start off?

The best time to start QA is from the beginning of the project. This makes sure that the proposed product is at par with the client expectations. It also creates a highly positive output during the team interaction and provides time to set up testing environment.

Whatsoever may be the domain, technology, architecture one may use, there is underlining fact that continues to rule: Testing should start early in the project, i.e. during the requirement analysis phase itself. Sooner the better. Instead of crying over huge percolated errors towards the end, it is always better to catch the bugs before they catch you. If these bugs / defects are caught later during the project, there are chances of much more harm and risk then it is when caught earlier.

There is a large amount of dependency on the context with which you look at the testing process: the end users, the development team, method of software construction and so on. The evaluation process differs based on the role under which you are testing.

The most routine practice is to start is right from the beginning of the analysis phase, since if done from this phase, the testing team is very much an integral part of the entire software, right from the beginning and hence remains on the same scale as that of the developers and designers. This helps them to understand the software in a detailed and intricate manner, giving them full on throughputs for a quality rich and stable product.

For Software Quality Assurance Services in the Agile testing phase, the testing is done quite early as indicated below and hence it turns out to be quite a well-known style of testing. So early is the identification of errors, that it becomes quite an easy task to solve them at par with their identification and thereby, not encounter heavy and serious trouble later, when it comes to interaction with the clients.

How should Software Testing be carried out throughout the SDLC?

Planning: As the SDLC progresses, the software testing elements need to be mapped onto what is actually being prepared in that phase. While planning of the business requirements by the main stakeholders of the project, the testing team should be careful in assessing if the business requirements that are being chalked out are feasible and there should be a one to one mapping with who is going to use this system and how.

Analysis & Design: While the analysis and design of the system is on, the testing team needs to study the entire architecture and decide if the design team is on the correct path or not.

Development: The most obvious phase for any tester to work on is the development phase, wherein, the entire software being built, is tested based on various testing documentation and through various testing tools. This is where the value of start testing is realized if done properly, since all those errors which have been solved earlier, will never figure out over here and that is the most important factor for a fast and efficient coding phase.

Implementation: However much we think what now to test, when we have been testing all through the project, this testing needs a specialized style of testing since it is the actual infrastructure, actual users who are going to test your system live and there are sure shot unprecedented events bound to cause a turmoil here. Hence, a proper testing beforehand surely helps.

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Author: SPEC QA