Software QA Services – An Important Ingredient in Software Development

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin

Certain myths which were prevalent in the past and have faded away with the passage of time and increase in awareness – ‘Why is the need for QA?’, ‘Let us develop and implement right now, won’t the customer tell us if there are errors?’, ‘With such a skilled team of developers, do we need testers at all?’.

With IT penetrating deep into our daily lives and regular routines, its impact is exponentially increasing and so is the reach of Software Development. There is a radical transformation taking place leading to increased productivity – whatsoever field it may be and enhanced satisfaction at all levels. At such a crucial stage, one area that plays a pivotal role in the success of any software application development is Software quality assurance. Having quality controls all over the project, at various phases and levels is a sure shot way to ensure that the project reaches it goal seamlessly, without any hindrances, and is able to satisfy its clients with utmost business requirement fulfillment. Enterprises today have now realized the extent to which QA plays an integral role in any project and hence are all prepared to have it in the project with full-fledged scope and technologies.

Gone are those days when QA and Software testing were considered an add-on expense and organizations used to think twice before giving it its best options. Today, Software quality assurance services receive the best of response, techniques, budget, and attention thereby increasing its worth, scope, and awareness. Now, it enters the project right from the inception till the implementation phase and ensures, at each phase, the maximum possible closeness between the requirements and the actual software.

Software quality assurance companies in India offer a large variety of solutions including different phases like process monitoring, product evaluation, project management, testing tools evaluation/implementation, etc.

Software Quality Assurance

Why does QA Play an Integral Part in Software Development?

For increasing the ROI of your software application, the primary reasons why QA is absolutely needed are, even if the list may not be exhaustive:

  • As always, the aim of any software development organization would be to ensure complete satisfaction and happiness of their client, and to have that, Software quality assurance is a must.
  • It is an essential ingredient in any phase of software development.
  • It is not just about finding errors, there is much more to it. Yes, culling out bugs is a major prerequisite to seamless software.
  • It carries a user perspective and is different from that of a developer mindset. It sees to it that the software tags along what the user really wants and tries to lessen the gap between the requirements and the actual output.
  • It is very well, an integrated part of any software development that we are liable to carry out, even if it is not separately mentioned while the project starts

What Role Does Software Quality Assurance Services Play in Software Development?

“Are we developing the perfect product and if yes, are we developing it perfectly?” – This is what a software QA service would primarily aim to answer. Not being the only one, there are many more roles that it plays significantly.

  • Participates while the requirements are being defined and ensures a thorough understanding of the system, right from the beginning, and tries to create a synergetic rapport with the development teams, so as to handle the entire project with ease and effectiveness.
  • Makes sure that the software development process doesn’t let go of quality under the purview of accomplished goals
  • Ensures QA right from the beginning of the project till the last phase
  • Protects and measures end-client experience and brand name
  • Speeds up the automation process by testing the entire lifecycle and ensuring cross-platform compatibility, just the way today’s DevOps model is working with agility
  • Provides an utmost comprehensive overview, letting development teams undergo the execution and analysis of all types of tests on a multitude of browsers and frameworks
  • Monitoring and maintaining the quality along with defect prevention and reduction
  • Reviewing and testing the project for failures and bugs
  • Fault tolerance
  • Analytical report generation
  • Spread across flawless, responsive, and multifaceted experience
  • Staying in tracking with the development process by ensuring the stability of the product and enhancing user experience to its best

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Author: SPEC QA