Overcoming Strategic IT Challenges with Software Quality Assurance

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule has been forgotten.”

You all would agree that any organization which is set to implement software of an enriched quality with lesser cost factors is sure to have a knack over the others. But, that is a real ideal situation which seems difficult to perceive since software quality assurance is always considered a tough task to accomplish at its best. Even with technology providing its best of automation tools and strategies, there are gray areas that lead to inefficiency and inaccurateness of the software.

Because of efficient software quality testing remaining a challenge, the very first rule that applies for its success is that an early head start surely pays off in QA testing since it surely poses as a threat to the project’s delivery schedules and cost lines and there is so much more that can get affected because of this – the organization’s brand image, reputation, customer satisfaction index, compliance to standards and so much more.

Software Quality Testing – The Key to IT Challenges Faced by Organizations

Organizations are faced with a diversity of challenges from various fronts. Software QA services aim to assist organizations take up these IT challenges and try their level best to convert them into fruitful opportunities. As tough as it seems, is it really possible to face these hurdles with the help of a planned and efficient software testing methodology? Yes, surely, it is. Software QA testing has always been undermined with certain myths and facts, but it in an inevitable truth that there is no successful software application without a perfect testing strategy.

Have a look at the different challenges posed at the organizations and how best can good software testing process aim to overcome those.

Software Testing Solutions

  • Restricted budgets

Any organization, be it small, midsized or large, has its own predefined budget for any venture and if that goes for a toss, it surely is a big blow to the entire unit. Any software application, if not tested thoroughly may lead to a heavy blow on the budget which has been estimated. A properly tested and tried software application is sure to stick to the cost estimates, thereby giving a sign of relief to the organizational heads.

  • Aggressive timelines

Everyone wants everything on time and with such stringent schedules, one cannot afford a poorly tested product. Imagine going full-fledged with implementation on proper time and then suddenly the software creating ruckus because of poor quality. Only a software which has been systematically tested well in advance can help in achieving these aggressive timelines.

  • Peer competition

In this fast paced world of ever advancing technologies and invents, there is hardly any domain or industry zone which is relieved of the peer competition. There is competition everywhere and the concept, execution methodology may get similar in most of the grouped organizations. What can keep you exclusively a step higher than your peers is the quality and robustness of your software application? Higher the quality better is the performance and more is the trust factor of your customer on you. And what would you need to achieve this – a very well thought of, well conceived software quality assurance plan with a detailed level of execution plan in place.

  • New technologies

For any organization, be it non IT or IT, the upcoming technologies are always a big puzzle to solve, which come what may, need to be solved as it is needed to keep at par with the fast moving and competitive world. At this juncture, if your software application is well tested and full proof, it surely acts as a big boost when it comes to actually using these new technologies. The end user will always accept a sturdy application with broad arms and is sure to reject software application with a number of errors and misbehaves.

  • Limited resources

With cost estimates in place and timelines being stringent, there is always a crunch of resources for any organization. Hardly are there scenarios when you have more than needed resources. Usually management is always yelling for more resources. The major way an exhaustively tested software application can help overcome this challenge is by facilitating the testing task with fewer resources and that is possible only when the software is so stable and robust that it can be effectively tested with those limited no. of resources.

SPEC INDIA offers independent QA and Testing Services across the complete software release lifecycle. As an ISO 9001:2008 company we guarantee process driven approach in all our quality assurance practices and software testing services.

Our Automated Software Testing Services make certain an accurate blend of Manual and Automated Testing and provide support through the Testing Life Cycle. As a Software Testing and Quality Assurance Company in India, we possess skilled resources in Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests.

With a stringent focus on quality and processes, we have been implementing several testing projects in a multitude of technologies. Request for a Free POC to test drive our services.

Author: SPEC QA