Mobile Application Testing – Keeping Up with the Challenges

Mobile technologies are one of the major disruptive technologies in recent times. Apps become an integral part of enterprise solutions as well as emerge as indispensable tools all by themselves. As with any technology powered by software or otherwise; quality assurance and testing are more than important for a successful outcome.

Mobile app testing companies realize that these applications when tested, verified, and rectified correctly assure impeccable, engaging, and enticing user experiences. Safety and security is ensured because of intuitive mobile application testing practices, but they come with their set of challenges.

Mobile App Testing

The Challenges

Easier said than done, mobile apps testing face tougher challenges than one comprehends because of the ever-changing techniques as well as the growing expectations of the user base. Software testing trends too point to special approaches to testing mobile apps.

Device Fragmentation

The most difficult phase of the mobile testing has to be device fragmentation because of the wide and ever-growing variety of devices made available every passing day.

The iOS-based devices obviously do not have this issue as they are periodically launched and with proper developer support. For Android however, the issue is much graver and device fragmentation is really a big issue.

Various OS Platforms

The various operating systems and their periodic version releases pose a severe challenge to a tester’s abilities. Each one of these well-known systems come with their own set of issues and workarounds.

A consistent understanding across the platforms requires a lot of maturity and technical finesse within a Mobile app testing company.

Variety of Hardware

The variety in the types of Mobile devices available in the market offer different hardware capabilities.

In-depth knowledge of the variance is required to strategize a comprehensive test plan to cater to these intricacies like the keypads, touch gestures, speakers, microphones, cameras, accelerometers, display techniques and the like.

This variety in hardware makes it challenging for the test teams to design and execute all-inclusive test scripts to ensure flawless performances vis a vis hardware related differences.

Testing Apps relying on Contemporary Techniques

With new techniques taking charge of the technology landscape, mobile app testing needs to bear in mind the requirements of modern-day techniques and draw up exhaustive test plans.

        • Internet of Things
        • Mobile Cloud Platforms
        • Big Data
        • Mobile Payments
        • Personal Assistants & Voice-Based Techniques

Native Vs Cross-platform Apps

Testing a native app vs a cross-platform app are two completely different considerations for a test strategist. Add to it the best of both worlds; hybrid apps, the challenge is complete.

The Presence of Multiple Mobile Network Operators

The apps cross the boundaries of the nation and can be downloaded any part of the world. The dependability on the different approaches of the mobile networks as well as the infrastructure offered is with varying capabilities and can have a direct influence on the performance of the app.

Network operators offer 3G, 4G and WiFi as the most common options today with 5G in waiting.

A wise test strategy bears these details in mind and the test plan is drawn up to cater to these various scenarios.

Making the Correct Choice for Automation Testing

Automation testing has its own standing and benefits; but can become a challenge itself if not planned appropriately, simply because of a large number of options available. If not chosen appropriately, the tools, platforms and frameworks do not exhibit relevance and can prove to be futile expenses.

This is easily the most difficult challenge faced by a Mobile app testing company.

Types of Testing Required for Mobile Devices

A variety of tests need to be conducted on mobile apps to ensure engaging customer experiences across devices and platforms.

Mobile Application Testing

On a Parting Note

Mobile app testing companies face challenges unique to the ecosystem of mobile apps. A comprehensive testing solution puts to use appropriate tools, platforms and frameworks to assure the quality of mobile testing solutions. It is then imperative that test strategists expect beyond the expected and devise fool-proof tests with an aim to offer unforgettable user experiences.

Rules of Thumb are charted to draw out the best from mobile app testing.

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Author: SPEC QA