eCommerce Testing – Make your Websites Robust and Profitable

“Customers are the reason we all are in business. Love them or lose them – it’s that simple.”

Let loose the reins of quality and testing in any solution and bear its negative consequences. And especially when it comes to a raging technology today – eCommerce Solutions, which over 3/4th of the globe is already addicted to – offering robust, secure, quality rich and efficient solutions is the prime most important factor for sustainability and customer loyalty.

A common situation being observed today in the cyberspace is numerous eCommerce websites and shopping carts have been floating around with most of them showing such poor performance in terms of quality, user friendliness, security etc., that any customer, be it new or an existing one, finds it tough to sustain more on that site, thereby, jumping onto another, which has a better performance. And, how much more time would it take to find another peer offering similar products? Not at all, with competition increasingly globally, there are options available instantly. No end user is ready to wait or bear the brunt of a poorly handled site.

In order to make your eCommerce solution competent and lucrative, there are certain simple parameters like ease of use, well crafted design, usability, secure payment process, instant availability of information, faster performance and many others that allure any client to stick to your website and complete an entire cycle of operations thereby leaving with a feeling of contentment and loyalty to return the next time. In case the solution offers comprehensively quality rich features, the business owners are sure to earn profits and maximize revenue in no time.

eCommerce Testing

5 Major Aspects that need to be considered while Testing eCommerce Solutions

Although there are umpteen considerations that need to be catered to, while testing any such solution, below mentioned are some of the key factors that contribute to the success or failure of any eCommerce solution. Even if one of them falters while real time execution, the customer is going to have tough time having patience and wanting to return to this site again. Here, gaining or loosing customer satisfaction and loyalty is very vulnerable. It just happens instantly – at the end of any operation, you have either won or lost a client.

  • Performance

Everything else comes later. You see a dead slow site opening in front of you and you simply press the X button. No one, including us today, have the time and patience to wait for the snail speed site to open. Hence, the performance criteria though may look the typically traditional plays the most important role in testing such services. With usage of important tools, you need to check that your eCommerce website should open instantly and should be operable all throughout at its best speed.

  • Browser Compatibility

You can never limit your solution to work perfectly in one type of browser and not perform at all in another. No client is going to bear this, not even you. Your testing procedures need to ensure complete browser level testing on all the major browsers being used in the market today. The solution should be working up to the mark in all of them, thereby, ensuring client satisfaction when implemented.

  • Mobile Device Friendliness

Simply ensuring your solution will work wonders on all types of browsers will not suffice. With technology bringing in showers of mobile devices with all having their own set of typicality, it becomes all the most important for any business owner to undergo rigorous eCommerce testing on all the different mobile devices with various OS. This is one periphery where the hardware, type of devices, infrastructure is all beyond us. The end client could be using anything, anytime and our solution has to work the same at all places.

  • Complete Set of Functionalities

Be it any domain or arena, there are certain set of functionalities which form the crux of any shopping cart solution. These parameters may or may not be significant in each and every solution but if present, needs to be thoroughly tested:

  • Main Pages
  • Product Parent Pages
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Check out Process

Although this may look generic to each site, it is highly important to test each and every feature from its functionality point of view.

  • Payment Gateway

One of the most important and crucial stages in handling any online transaction is its check out and payment procedure. Imagine a client having shopped a whole bunch of things, happily moving towards the payment gateway, selecting the payment mode and oops, here fails the transaction. We can imagine the amount of frustration and discontentment that would be experienced by the client. Hence, testing all the available options of payment gateway is equally important.

Not only performance, the bill calculation, final amount being displayed, application of various taxes etc. are different parameters that need to be tested prior to making the site live. Even test payments should be carried out with modes like debit card, credit card, net banking, Paypal etc. to see how practically, the solution is working and responding to the diverse tests being executed.

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Our Software Testing Services make certain an accurate blend of Manual and Automated Testing and provide support through the Testing Life Cycle. We possess skilled resources in Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests. Our proficiency in implementing eCommerce and mCommerce solutions also give us an extra push to successfully test any type of such solutions.

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Author: SPEC QA