Cloud Testing – A New Age Approach to Testing

The speed of light at which apps are released and downloaded, or various software systems are made available for Enterprise Mobility based solutions, the ERP systems or the E-Commerce based software; is way too fast than the speed at which these should be verified and tested. A software essentially goes beyond remaining a piece of work today, it becomes a service; with a commitment to be in tune with the changes in requirements, the fixes to unforeseen problems and quite simply keeping in pace with the expectations of the users.


Cloud Testing is a niche contemporary method helping developers to test their products quickly, interconnecting various devices into one virtual testing centre and bringing the testing team together through the centralized cloud. It goes without saying that this innovative and practical method makes the work of the testing team much quicker and easier, reducing the turnaround times.

Cloud Testing

Advantages of Cloud Testing


Cloud Testing is an interesting approach to software testing and offers many advantages, changing the way of assuring the Quality of software radically.


Complete Security


Cloud testing is conducted within the safety of the firewall of the company and the security assurance increases remarkably. Both the data and the software are safe within the virtual space of the organization.


Availability 24 hours a Day


With Cloud, it is now possible for testers in the same team to be located in various parts of the world, across the time zones. Niche testing capabilities of various professionals can be put to use in this simple and efficient set up.


Easy Choice of What to Test and How to Test


A tester, located anywhere in the organization, any part of the world can connect to the cloud to test the application on the device of his choice. Not only that, he can decide the way of testing required – manual testing or automatic testing. The device needed for testing can also be easily specified.


More Test Scenarios Covered


Cloud Testing can cover more than thousands of test cases and scenarios in the same time that a tester would manage a few. Test scenarios covering various devices running on different operating systems can be easily checked as the scenarios.


Perfect for Agile


Cloud testing complements the Agile method of development, allowing the easy involvement of members across different roles in development. Testers need to keep the system in tune with the rest by constantly accepting feedbacks and working on them. Cloud testing makes it possible to allow the testers to access various tools of the projects, using them test and deploy the changes, without infrastructural bottle necks.


The Way to Test for Mobile Commerce


The growth of online commerce and mobile commerce is a story to be told in impressive percentages. The way of conducting business has evolved to the extent that there is no escape for any online business but to be perfect and without flaws. Coping up with the every changing markets in a snap is no joke. This testing method empowers the teams to meet these requirements.


Continuous Integration Supported


As continuous integration runs smoothly with constant testing, it helps the DevOps team of the company. The nutshell of continuous integration is to test the software every time a new code is added and then redeploying the app. With cloud testing, the testing team is always available and it is assured that the changing scenarios are tested efficiently and continuously. This way the tested new bits of software are added to the applications ensuring quick and correct launch of new versions for the benefit of the entire DevOps.


Wider Variety of Devices Addressed


With the availability of a larger pool of devices connected over the cloud, testers can choose from the available pool of devices to conduct fool-proof tests. This is a massive reduction in the budgets as the investments in multiple devices reduce.


Easy Prioritizing


Prioritizing of testing jobs can be done at the discretion of the key person. A tester can be assigned to a task as per the need. The test environments, devices and infrastructure setups are headache free and can be done in a snap over the cloud.


Real World Testing


Cloud Testing connects multiple devices from multiple places to the environment, providing access to a vast geographical locations to the testing teams. This also means that the teams have an access to a large number of network providers across the world and that the systems can be tested for their performances across various networks and for service provider specific issues as well. Also, diverse


Scalable and Cost Effective


Cloud architecture is hardware free and moves away from the need to appoint a full-fledged third party tester. It is scalable in both the directions as per the need of the hour. A Cloud Testing setup takes very less time to commence. It is truly ensures maximum productivity and in turn the Returns on Investments are one of the best.


In a Nutshell


Changes are a part of Technology. Dynamic methods of making technology useful, drive what they call a revolution. Cloud architecture and testing using a Cloud is nothing short of one. The most popular of the tools used for cloud testing today are HPLoadRunner and CloudTest.


An appropriate and prudent test strategy is the call of the day today. Software Testing Service ensure a right mix of Manual and Automated Testing and provide support through the Testing Life Cycle. The unbiased test reports help smoother implementations with near zero post-delivery defects and higher customer satisfaction.


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Author: SPEC QA