BrowserStack – Cloud Based Service for Cross Browser Testing

Mobile devices invade the world and how! Enterprise software sees itself catering to a variety of devices; smartphones, tablets and even the wearables, besides of course the PCs and laptops. A system meant for working on multiple devices with different operating systems needs to be tested with a completely different and comprehensive approach. Testing on real devices, emulators taking care of all different permutations and combinations of operating systems, browsers and devices is no mean feat in itself.

A website developed for multiple browsers is called a cross browser website and cross browser testing sets out to check how systems function on different client device browsers. The effects on the program logics and most importantly the UI/UX is very important and needs to be tested thoroughly.

Cloud based testing approaches are fresh and easy ways to test quickly and efficiently by virtually connecting devices and environments and bringing them into one centralized test center. BrowserStack promotes this idea of a virtual test center.

BrowserStack Testing

How BrowserStack Works

Multiple browser versions and browser fragmentation makes it practically impossible to get a reliable test coverage for websites. offers a browser-based virtualization service for cross browser testing by making use of Adobe Flash to provide a virtualized browser within the actual browser.

The real virtual browsers are available as a service over the cloud. The end users use BrowserStack resources without the need to install anything special.

Advantages of Using Browser Stack

This innovative Cloud based service comes with its special features which makes it a very popular tool today.

Remote Device Lab

This is a personal cloud of physical mobile and tablet devices, instantly available for mobile browser testing. BrowserStack constantly updates this list with the latest in Android and iOS devices, like iPhone, Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy, along with the combinations of the Operating Systems.

Hundreds of Real Desktop Browsers

BrowserStack conducts tests on an exhaustive range of browsers, right from legacy versions of Internet Explorer, to the latest Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Native Browser Experience

BrowserStack makes available real browsers installed on real devices, making testing for these equivalent to testing on a local machine improving the accuracy and trustworthiness of the results.

Seamless Integration of Code

The tested software can be integrated with ease into the existing development processes.

Test from Anywhere, Anytime

Since it is a service over the Cloud, Testing requires only a browser and the Internet and can be tested anytime from anywhere.

Secure Test Environments

The Local Testing feature enables testing of development and staging environments on BrowserStack with foolproof security. Testing is conducted from behind firewalls or directly on internal setups. BrowserStack uses HTTPS and WSS protocols, for ensured security and privacy of the code being tested.

Quick Screenshots Testing

Rapid testing of the layout designs on more than 700 mobile and desktop browsers is possible with BrowserStack. It is a quick and easy method to test the responsiveness of the web design on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

Display Resolutions Catered

BrowserStack covers all the basic screen resolutions for browser based testing. From 800×600 and all the way up to 2048×1536. Switching resolution during testing is possible quite easily.

Experts Support

BrowserStack offers skilled and capable support teams for handholding during testing, offering a superlative testing experience.

Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure

This cloud infrastructure is flexible and scales according to the team and project requirements.

Global Customers of BrowserStack

BrowserStack boasts of a niche clientele across the globe. Many names are hard to miss and for BrowserStack, it is work that speaks for itself.

  • Microsoft
  • JQuery
  • Bose
  • Citrix
  • Github
  • Airbnb
  • Expedia
  • RBS
  • Adobe
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitter
  • AIG
  • Johnson & Johnson

On a Parting Note

An appropriate and prudent test strategy is the call of the day today. Blending in these needs with the new age tools and approaches ensures that the testing methodologies are reliable for the contemporary requirements too.

Our Software Testing Services ensure a right mix of Manual and Automated Testing and provide support through the Testing Life Cycle. The unbiased test reports help smoother implementations with near zero post-delivery defects and higher customer satisfaction.

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Author: SPEC QA