How Test Automation can Help You to Achieve Enhanced Quality and Maximized ROI?

Software Testing is inevitable for any software project – a known fact. But, now it is software automation testing that is taking the world in its stride. With increasing importance than before, as compared to manual testing, it is proving its worth because of its swift, full proof, and widespread testing coverage, which gives a sure shot success boost to the project. Let us glance through why it is becoming an inevitable part of any project.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”— Steve Jobs.

Each and every software development unit must be yearning for this – the best possible quality of their product and to achieve that, software testing plays the most important role. It is a known fact that testing has been playing a very pivotal role in the success of any software project. Though testing teams try their best to test their solutions, there are umpteen cases of defects percolating beyond and harming the implementation. Although a large amount of manual testing is always performed, with various types of scenarios, there are lesser chances of perfect, defect-free software. That is where automated software testing grabs the eyeballs. It has proven to be the key factor in making your software effective and efficient, with minimal errors and downtime.

However effective it may have been planned and whatsoever combinations may be tried and tested, manual software testing has its own set of limitations since it is based on human involvement and hence there are certain areas that will never get covered, even if tried at its best. Automated software testing services surely fit the bill, since they comprise of pre-defined and preset actions that can be performed with the help of a tool and with the least human intervention. It can easily replicate testing sequences, report the success/failure of the scenarios and value add by comparing end results to those expected. Gone are those days when it used to be considered non-mandatory, today, it is an intangible asset to any software project and holds a critical position.

Automated Testing

Why is Test Automation a Mandatory Success Factor for any Software?

Depending upon the size of the project, it may be figured out to what extent is Automated testing a must. In cases where the project size is small, one may think of going in for only manual testing with respect to the budget, which may be true to some extent but the intervention of an automated tool will surely bring a large difference in the stability of the software and the timeliness too. With the importance of automated testing increasing day by day, the number of testing tools is also on a higher spree, with all types of costing models available, to suit any and every backdrop.

Few of the proven value additions owing to automated software testing are:

  • Since the tester is highly trained in automation tools as well as manual testing, there is a dual set of experience that speaks and hence contributes to the stability and success of the project.
  • The testing tools and frameworks that are used can easily become a useful resource for further projects to come, thereby, cutting down on costs and the learning curve.
  • Since tests are automated, it swiftly and vastly expands your test coverage area and hence leaves less space for any kind of error-prone zone.
  • Because test automation services can be performed by any individual with the requisite skill, it can be easily performed by developers prior to sending it for testing.
  • Needless to say, one of the most wanted benefits is the large amount of time-saving and cost-effectiveness that can be seen, whenever automated software testing services is adapted.

Key Focus Areas to be taken care of during Automation Software Testing

  • Testing code to be given due importance

Whenever automated testing is being performed, in parallel to the main source code, there is an entire set of testing code that has to be maintained to perform the needed testing steps. Utmost care has to be taken that this set of code is maintained at par with the source code and does not lack behind in terms of versioning, since that may lead to havoc when it comes to parallel testing.

  • Add the required number of tests, don’t overload

A typical myth that prevails: Since the tests are automated, more the merrier. That leads to an overload of tests, turning the entire scenario into a highly complex one and thereby, diluting the very significance of software automation testing. Don’t do that.

  • Identify appropriate stakeholders

Automation does not mean there is just no human intervention. There has to be a well-defined team of skilled resources, who are very much in charge of the entire automation process. If that is not defined properly, none of the automated testing will function as per scripts and yield proper results.

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Our Software Testing Services make certain an accurate blend of Manual and Automated Testing and provide support through the Testing Life Cycle. We possess skilled resources in Automated Testing tools like Selendroid, Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Quick Time Pro, Load Runner, etc. which help in simulating scenarios and performing continuous routine mundane tests.

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Author: SPEC QA