Scriptless Test Automation – A Step Further for Enhancing Productivity in Software Testing

In the big bang world of software testing, Test Automation has always been in the limelight owing to very obvious reasons like cost effectiveness, less repetition of tests, accelerated regression testing and more. Organizations are leaning on a plethora of automated testing tools to achieve these objectives but still, there are cases where the benefits are not visible to the extent they should be. Why? Isn’t the approach to Automated Testing Services correct? Aren’t the tools competent enough to maximize the ROI of the organization? Why is the Go to Market time not stepping up? The basic reason lies in the maintenance and management of the scripts that are being written as a part to build test automation. With every small change in the product, the entire script based test automation framework has to be updated with all possible implications. This surely requires increasing time and money to be put into the automated testing scenario. It also needs a lot of in-project investments in terms of time and money in order to learn the scripting language and to create a suitable framework to reuse the code.

The answer to these queries lies in adapting the revolutionary technique, which has become quite popular today – Scriptless Automated Testing. This is a form of testing which offers reduction in time to create automated tests by reducing the amount of scripts. Testing teams can now perform in a graphical setup, wherein they can compose tests by selecting objects from dropdown menus and can also visually create conditions. This has given a sure shot rise in the productivity factor as compared to script based test automation. A change in your approach and there are umpteen benefits available to your organization. Of course, test automation will work the way it is but there will be least requirement of writing cumbersome scripts.

How does Automated Scriptless Testing Tool Work?

No one can deny the importance of Software QA Services in any software life cycle and following it the importance of test automation. A step further comes Scriptless test automation which offers a very simplistic interface wherein you don’t need to learn the coding styles or programming features of any particular language. You just have to operate a drop-down or Excel kind of mechanism and it starts working. The basic fundamentals of test automation – modularity, data and keyword driving are imbibed into the software, keeping intact the features that any scripting tool would provide. Their client server approach offers the automation to the entire team at one go. Apart from management of execution of test suites and test run result reporting, it also allows you to fix bugs from anywhere within the entire script setup.

Scriptless Automated Testing

5 Persuasive Reasons why you should go in for Scriptless Automation Testing

  • Shortened Automation Time

The best part of this wonderful testing solution is because automation can be done quite early in the SDLC, it fastens your Go-to-Market time remarkably. You can start off your automation process way early via the wireframes or prototypes available to you. That speeds up the process because of least involvement of scripts.

  • Cost Effective

You can easily save to a large extent by eliminating the costs incurred on scripting big chunks of programs. Even the maintenance of those scripts would be nullified, leading to a robust framework which can be easily maintained and managed with least of cost overheads.

  • Business Friendly

The involvement of business analysts and expert stakeholders surely gets a boost owing to the simplistic and script less nature of the test executions. The interaction between them and the technical teams become easier and smoother, ensuring a sure shot quality product, which is well tested from all angles.

  • Rapid Scripting

There is no written rule that there is just no scripting at in Scriptless test automation. But, the simplicity and easiness with which the bare minimum scripts have to be written is noteworthy. Not only it quickens the entire process, it makes test automation easily acceptable by the testing teams.

  • More Time for Testers to Test

With least coding to do, testers are now free to invest more time in what they really are meant for: test each and every intricacy in the system to catch up bugs at an early stage and build a enriched quality solution.

It can rightly be said that “Traditional Test Automation makes YOU work hard. Scriptless Test Automation works hard for YOU.” For sure, these Automated Scriptless Testing Services offer enhanced productivity and profitability to the organization as there is least amount of time wastage right from the start and since they are well tested and tried across multiple frameworks, they can easily be trusted upon. They offer a dual benefit to automated testing professionals as well manual testers – a reason for both to smile.

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Author: SPEC QA