Ranorex Studio – A Robust Test Automation Framework

Ranorex Studio is a pioneer in test automation tools to cater to desktop, web based and mobile applications with the same ease and simplicity. Ranorex supports various frameworks and User Interface technologies used commonly today. It is proclaimed to be any technology test automation for multiple environments, devices and software applications.


Ranorex Features


Ranorex reduces efforts put in for Test Automation Maintenance. Its Graphic User Interface object recognition is compatible with and gives great results for almost all popular applications today. Agile teams benefit the most from this because of reduced time and efforts, making Ranorex a better accepted tool for teams working on diverse tool sets. It offers better flexibility and ease for non-programmers as it is a script-free setup. Test suites and recordings get a professional touch with the APIs for C# and VB.NET and all the modules are ready to be re-used to get the advantages of sharing amongst the testing teams. Ranorex is easily integrated into various testing processes or development processes and can be used for single test cases or test suites or even continuous integration.


Ranorex is quick, easy to use and priced conducively. A single license is all that is needed to take care of various technologies and platforms it supports ensuring a quick RoI for teams of all sizes.


Benefits of Ranorex


The benefits of Ranorex are obvious


The All-in-One Test Automation Tool


        • Ranorex is a Testing Solution for many environments, devices and software applications
        • .NET, WPF, Windows Forms, Qt, Java, SAP, Delphi, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android and Windows Apps are all supported by Ranorex
        • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari are also compatible with Ranorex


Converges Different Requirements


        • The test automation projects can be integrated easily with the development and testing environments
        • It offers a cohesive arrangement between continuous integration processes and various test management tools


For Both Testers and Developers


        • It is an easy to use software for both people with or without programming knowledge
        • Test environments can be set up quite easily by all types of people
        • Script free testing environment is facilitated by simple drag and drop functionalities
        • Professional APIs with C# and VB.Net enhance test suites and recordings.


Support for third party


Support for dynamic IDs and customizable rule sets for supporting


        • 3rd party frameworks
          • Telerik
          • ComponentOne
          • DevExpress,
          • Infragistics controls


        • Web UI frameworks


          • GWT
          • YUI
          • jQuery
          • Silverlight


Reusable and Fast


        • The test actions and UI elements are modular and reusable
        • Reusability is allowed across multiple test cases with Ranorex


Mobile Testing on Real Devices


        • Ranorex allows test recording on the mobile device
        • It facilitates test execution of recorded tests on a device or emulator
        • It avoids the need to Jailbreak, unlock or root the device
        • Ranorex allow editing of recorded steps without coding


Quick RoI


          • Ranorex ensures better returns on investments as it is easy to use and more productive
          • It suits teams of all sizes and scale of operation
          • One license includes all the tools, technologies and updates needed


Testing Types supported by Ranorex


Ranorex facilitates various testing methodologies to ensure that the testing teams are catered to for all their needs.


Automated Functional Testing


Automated functional testing to check the basic functionalities of the application is possible with Ranorex.


Regression Testing


Ranorex can be put to use for regression testing in continuous build environments.


ross-browser Testing


It Caters to Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox to ensure the quality of the web applications across browsers.


Data-driven Testing


Ranorex Checks and validates the same test cases with different data sets and sources like CSV, Excel or databases.


Automated GUI Testing


Graphical user interface testing ensures the reliability of the applications across various desktops, web and mobile applications.


On a Parting Note


An appropriate and prudent test strategy is the call of the day today. our Software Testing Services ensure a right mix of Manual and Automated Testing and provide support through the Testing Life Cycle. The unbiased test reports help smoother implementations with near zero post-delivery defects and higher customer satisfaction.


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Author: SPEC QA